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Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards

Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards

The service „Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards” provides assurance that the standards and standardization documents you work with are up-to-date. Within one year you get monthly information on the status of standards, language that they are available in, published new versions, amendments and corrigenda.

All you have to do is to select a list (package) of Bulgarian standards and standardization documents you work with. We will take care for the rest.

BDS experts will make an initial verification whether the selected standards are up-to-date and after the clarification on the actuality they will confirm your list. In the next 12 months you will receive information on monthly basis within two days after publication of BDS Official Bulletin by e-mail of any occurred changes of your standards. In case any standards has a corrigendum it will be provided free of charge as a file.

Why would you use the service?

How to use the service?

If you are a registered user, login with your username and password. If you do not yet have a registration, create your customer profile by following the instructions. Once you sign in to your account (Members area) select “Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards”. Using the search form you can select the package of Bulgarian standards and standardization documents you work with. You can find the standards that you are interested in, through the following criteria: status, keyword, ICS, Technical committee, Directive. As a result of the search, you will see a list of the standards found on the criteria you have specified. To include a standard in your order, click the “+” sign. Your selection is automatically saved and you can continue to search for standards using the same form. To view the list of the selected standards in the package, click “View selected standards”. If this is the final list of your package of standards, click “Order this package”.

Pay your order by bank transfer, via e-Pay system for electronic payment or on site at BDS cash desk.

More information about the way of shopping can be found in Guide for shopping

Please note that the selected and confirmed list (package) of your standards can not be amended or supplemented prior to the expiration of the subscription period. If you wish to include new standards, a new order for subscription with new package of standards needs to be made. After the end of the subscription period you can renew it by changing the number and list of standards.

Please note that after the verificaton by our employee of your selected standards in the package the number of standards can be changed, so that the order can be moved to a lower or higher price category. If it moves to a higher price category, you will be informed in advance of this by our employee before confirming your order.