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Standardization is an activity of establishing provisions for common and repeated use, with regard to actual or potential problems, aimed at the achievement of an optimum degree of order in a given context.


The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization shall be the holder of the copyright in Bulgarian standards and Bulgarian standardization documents and shall have the exclusive right to publish, reproduce, distribute and sell them

Basic terminology

Important terms and definitions in the field of standardization used in the "Rules for National Standardization Activities" in accordance with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations, ISO/IEC Directives and BDS EN 45020:2007

Project and Standards

This section contains information for all Bulgarian and International standards under development and published. For easier search please use options below or the advanced search.

Forthcoming standards

Information about forthcoming standards in different fields of standardization is published here.

Technical committees

The Technical Committee is a BDS working body responsible for a specific area(s) of standardization.

BDS Work Programme for Standardization

According to the Rules for Standardization Activities, Part 2: “Organization of the standardization activities” Bulgarian Institute for Standardization has published its Work programme for standardization for 2021, approved by the Governing Board

Public enquiry

The Public Enquiry is essential part of standardization process necessary for meet the requirements of Regulation 1025/2012 regarding transparency and consensus in standard development.


EU directives and regulations list

ICS - International Classification for Standards

The ICS is intended to serve as a structure for catalogues of international, regional and national standards and other normative documents, and as a basis for standing-order systems for international, regional and national standards.