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Service “Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards” – terms of use

"Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards" is BDS service that helps you in the long run depending on your individual interests.

What is the service?

The service „Subscription on the actuality of Bulgarian standards” provides assurance that the standards and standardization documents you work with are up-to-date. Within one year you get monthly information on a package of standards you have chosen - changes of status, published translations into Bulgarian, published new editions, amendments and corrigenda, development of new draft standards and SD and their stages.

Why would you use the service?

To make sure that you work with the latest and current versions of the standards.

To save time and money in searching the possible changes in the standards.

To know in advance that a new version of a standard is being developed and to be able to follow the stages it has reached.

To reduce the risk of using invalid or incomplete edition of the standard - the latest editions of the standards can be essential to the performance of your legal or contractual obligations.

To obtain a competitive advantage that you have the latest and most up-to-date information.

To meet the ISO 9001 and other management systems requirements, such as receiving automatic verification about which the recent editions are of the standards you work with.

How to use the service?

If you are a registered user, login with your username and password. If you do not yet have a registration, create your customer profile by following the instructions and the Guide for shopping. Once you have signed in your account, enter “My subscription” and select “Create new subscription”. You will be given several types of subscriptions according to the number of standards in the package. You should select the package with the desired number of standards, add it to your basket and order it using the "Checkout" button https://www.bds-bg.org/en/subscription/list.

The payment of the subscription order can be made by bank card at BDS premises or via ATM payment, at EasyPay cash desks, by bank payment order, or via the electronic payment system ePay.bg.

After you have paid the order, you will be able to add to your list the standards, standardization documents and draft standards within 7 days from the date of payment. Using the search form you can select the standards and you will find them by the corresponding standard number.

We recommend that you have a pre-prepared list of standards, standardization documents and drafts that you would like to include in your package. This is necessary so that you can decide what type of subscription to choose, as well as have the number and title of the standards to make it easier to search and include them in the package.

To include a standard in your order, just click on the result found. Your selection is saved automatically and you can continue searching for standards using the same search form.

You can add new standards until you reach the limit of the package you have paid for. In case you want to include more standards, beyond the limit of the package, you will need to place a new order for them.

If at the initial set-up of the standards list you have not filled the limit of the paid package, you can add additional standards during the subscription period until reaching this limit.

In your subscription you can add only active BDS standards and standardization documents, as well as draft standards from 50.20 stage onwards. Please note that you do not need to add corrigenda of standards, as you can download them for free from our website. Please note that you cannot add collections, international standards and other BDS publications to your subscription!

In case you need consultation or assistance in choosing standards, you can contact our experts at 02 8174 523 or 02 8174 524.

Within the next 12 months you will see monthly, after the publication of BDS Official Bulletin, information in the relevant subscription in your account for any changes of the actualities of your standards. You will also receive an email notification of changes. Any change in the standards in your subscription will be indicated by an exclamation mark, and by clicking on it, a window will be open with all the information about the changes. Possible changes can be: amendment, corrigendum, translation, withdrawal and replacement of a standard, change in the stage of a draft standard, a new draft of an existing standard from your package from 50.20 stage onwards.

IMPORTANT! Please note that during the period of validity of the subscription selected and paid by you, the selected standards cannot be changed. You can only add standards to the list until reaching the limit of the package.

You have the opportunity to renew your subscription at the end of its term: 30 days before the expiration date of the current subscription in your package you will see a button "Renew your plan". Click on it and follow the steps. After paying for a subscription renewal order, the standards from your list will be uploaded into your subscription newly dated. You will have again 7 days to make changes in your list (remove standards and add others within the subscription plan limit).

The prices of the service can be found in BDS Pricelist.

For orders over 500 standards you need to contact our employees by phone:

02 8174 523 or 02 8174 524, or send an email to info@bds-bg.org.