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Distribution and sales of standards

Sales of Bulgarian Standards

Bulgarian Institute for Standardization has the exclusive right to publish, reproduce, distribute and sell Bulgarian standards and standardization documents.

The sales of Bulgarian standards and related services is carried out in accordance with the General conditions for sale of Bulgarian standards, standardization documents and other BDS publications and services.

When you purchase standards or order services, this means that you accept the general conditions. You should carefully read them before you place an order to purchase standards.

Bulgarian standards are distributed in accordance with the Pricelist, approved by BDS Governing Board.

Discounts on Bulgarian standards are possible.

If you want to make your purchase through BDS website, please read the Guide for shopping.

For all enquiries about orders and sales of standards, standardization documents and specialised BDS publications, please use the options provided below:

  1. Online through our online store in "Products" menu, where you can select "Sales of standards", "Standards collections", "Other publications" or "Bulletin".
  2. By e-mail at: info@bds-bg.org by sending a Request for Standards
  3. At BDS Information Center: "Lachezar Stanchev" Str. Nr 13, “Izgrev” Complex, 1797 Sofia

Note: Requests for order of standards by telephone are not accepted!


Sales of International and Foreign Standards

As a member of the international standardization organizations and in compliance with the signed agreements with foreign national standards bodies BDS has the right to distribute and sell international and foreign standards at prices, established by the respective organizations to which belong the standardization product. For enquiries please contact Customer Services Department (telephone number +359 2/81 74 525 or +359 2/81 74 526).

• International standards ISO www.iso.org

• International standards IEC www.iec.ch

• German standards DIN www.beuth.de

• British standards BS www.bsigroup.com

• American standards ASTM www.astm.org

• Russian standards ГОСТ - sale temporarily stopped

You can purchase the ISO International standards directly from BDS online store: "Products" -> "Sales of standards"; by sending a Request for Standards by e-mail at info@bds-bg.org or on site at BDS information center.

You can order the other international and foreign standards by sending a request to info@bds-bg.org or on site at BDS.

Sales of BDS Official bulletin

The Official bulletin is issued in electronic format (pdf file). The customers receive it at the e-mail address they have specified. The subscription price for the Official bulletin is determined by the Pricelist approved by BDS Governing Board.

For more information: https://bds-bg.org/en/official-bds-bulletin_p49.html

Sales of BDS Catalogue

BDS publishes Catalogue of Bulgarian standards in electronic format. It includes bibliographical information about active and withdrawn Bulgarian standards. Its actualization is made every 6 months.

BDS Catalogue can be purchased according to the Pricelist, approved by BDS Governing Board.

For more information: https://bds-bg.org/en/bds-catalogue-2021-cd_p5022.html

Note: BDS members receive free of charge the Official Bulletin and upon request the Catalog of Bulgarian Standards according to art. 23 of BDS Statutes.