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Proposal of ISO for creation of a Technical Committee (ISO/TC) on "Cultural Heritage Conservation"

The proposal for the creation of a new Technical Committee (ISO/TC) on Cultural Heritage Conservation by Standardization Administration of China (SAC).


Standardization in the field of terminology, technologies, materials and equipment for monitoring, evaluation, preservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

Exclude: ISO/TC 36 Cinematography, ISO/TC 42 Photography, ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation.

Note: Limited to tangible cultural heritage.

Purpose and justification of the proposal

Cultural heritage embodies an immeasurable wealth inherited from our ancestors, serving as a testament to the progress of human civilization and encompassing profound historical, artistic, and scientific significance. Yet, the conservation of world cultural heritage confronts urgent challenges, as numerous significant cultural sites are at risk of damage and loss caused by natural disasters, climate change, inadequate maintenance and management, urbanization, vandalism and theft, cultural identity crises, and social changes

The establishment of the international technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Conservation will make significant contributions to the conservation of cultural heritage:

The establishment of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Conservation, will involve the development and implementation of a series of international standards for cultural heritage conservation, which will facilitate the exchange of advanced technological expertise and best practices accumulated from global efforts in cultural heritage conservation. This will foster collaborative endeavours in technological innovation, encouraging research and application of new technologies in cultural heritage conservation, elevating the overall level of conservation efforts in all countries, particularly those with limited access to advanced technologies. This approach will fully leverage the leading and supporting role of standards.


The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of CEN technical activity by 16.01.2024 to Desislava Gulenova: desislava.gulenova@bds-bg.org, tel: +359 2 81 74 581.

For more information about the proposal see here: