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Proposal for a new ISO technical committee on menstrual products

ISO COPOLCO (ISO Committee on Consumer Policy) submitted the proposal for a new ISO technical committee on menstrual products, with the following scope statement: “Standardization in the field of menstrual products, covering all products intended for both single and multiple use, regardless of material.”

Purpose and justification of the proposal
There is no ISO/IEC committee working specifically with menstrual products. The material used in menstrual products, for example nonwoven, cotton, plastic, silicone and the adhesives used are subjects in international standardization work but there is no group working in ISO/IEC directly with menstrual products as their focus.

In terms of suggesting a priority among the different aspects of menstrual products the proposer suggest that the first standard proposal to be developed is a general requirement standard focusing on the general safety, performance, and health requirements from the user's perspective. Following that other aspects should be handled, such as environmental aspects, disposal, and manufacturing.

Relevant affected stakeholder categories A wide range of stakeholders should be involved in this work, and it is important that both industry, NGOs, international organisations, testing institutes, governmental agencies, medical professions, and consumer organizations are represented.

Menstrual products are mostly categorised as Medical device, therapeutic goods or consumer products in different countries and regions. For example, in most European countries they fall under the General Product Safety Directive which means there is no obligation for manufactures to list the composition of the product or perform biocompatible testing. There are also countries that classify menstrual products in other categories.

In case of national interest, Bulgaria can support the creation of this ISO/TC „Мenstrual products”. If the establishment of ISO/TC is accepted by the national standards bodies – members of ISO, BDS can obtain P- or O-membership in the work of the newly established committee.

The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of ISO technical activity by 30.11.2021 to Maya Petrova: maya.duganova@bds-bg.org, tel: +359 2 81 74 510.

For more information about the proposal see here: