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ISO/TS 8000-81:2021

Data quality — Part 81: Data quality assessment: Profiling

May 20, 2021

General information

60.60     May 20, 2021


ISO/TC 184/SC 4

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This document specifies a procedure for data profiling to generate the foundation for performing data quality assessment. This profiling is applicable to data sets that are either originally in a structure of tables and columns or are the output from a transformation to create such a structure.
NOTE 1    Data profiling is applicable to all types of database technology.
The following are within the scope of this document:
—    performing structure analysis to determine data element concepts;
—    performing column analysis to identify relevant data elements, including statistics about a data set;
—    performing relationship analysis to identify dependencies in a data set.
The following are outside the scope of this document:
—    methods for extracting and sampling data to be profiled from a data set;
—    deriving data rules;
—    measuring the extent of nonconformities in a data set.
NOTE 2    ISO 8000‑8 specifies approaches to measuring data and information quality.
This document can be used in conjunction with, or independently of, quality management systems standards.

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ISO/TS 8000-81:2021
60.60 Standard published
May 20, 2021