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ISO/TR 18570:2017

Mechanical vibration — Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand transmitted vibration — Supplementary method for assessing risk of vascular disorders

Aug 9, 2017

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60.60     Aug 9, 2017


ISO/TC 108/SC 4

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ISO/TR 18570:2017 provides guidance on a supplementary method to that defined in ISO 5349‑1 for measuring and reporting hand-transmitted vibration exposures. The method defined in this document provides an improved assessment methodology for evaluating vascular hand-arm vibration risks (vibration white finger). This document does not apply for other health effects (e.g. sensorineural and musculoskeletal disorders) induced from hand-transmitted vibration exposure (see ISO 5349‑1:2001, Annex Β).
ISO/TR 18570:2017 is intended to facilitate future research on hand-arm vibration risks. It can be used to supplement the data given by the ISO 5349‑1 methodology.
ISO/TR 18570:2017 cannot be used as an alternative to ISO 5349‑1. Data derived from this document cannot be used in place of ISO 5349‑1 data for fulfilling duties under national regulations, guidance or recommendations for either workplace vibration exposures or machinery vibration emissions.
The methodology defined in this document is based on biomechanical and epidemiological studies which are reviewed in Annex A. Also provided in Annex A is tentative information on a relationship between vibration exposure and risk of developing vascular hand-arm vibration disorders.

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ISO/TR 18570:2017
60.60 Standard published
Aug 9, 2017