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ISO/TS 50008:2018

Energy management and energy savings — Building energy data management for energy performance — Guidance for a systemic data exchange approach

Nov 5, 2018

General information

90.93     Jun 29, 2021


ISO/TC 301

Technical Specification

27.015     35.240.67  




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This document gives guidelines for how the energy management team (EnMT) in an organization can define, request and regularly access the data and information needed to implement an energy management system (EnMS) designed to continually improve energy performance in buildings.
It is applicable to data provided by human processes or by building automation, control, information technology, or even accounting systems. If the building information system (BIS) is accessible by the EnMT, the BIS can facilitate the provision of data and information. This could include data used in determining significant energy uses (SEUs), managing to improve energy performance (including energy consumption, energy use and energy efficiency) through to the use of energy performance indicators (EnPIs).
This document does not apply to:
— residential or industrial buildings;
— buildings containing an industrial process where the industrial processes cannot be separated from other uses.
However, many of the principles in this document can be applied to these or other types of buildings.
NOTE Industrial processes can include manufacturing, packaging, transportation, assembly, etc.
It does not apply to building automation data communication protocols themselves.
It is does not consider the selection of energy management software, hardware and control algorithms for automatically managing buildings.

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ISO/TS 50008:2018
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 29, 2021