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IEC TS 61000-5-4:1996 ED1

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 5: Installation andmitigation guidelines - Section 4: Immunity to HEMP -Specifications for protective devices against HEMP radiateddisturbance. Basic EMC Publication

Aug 13, 1996

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60.60     Aug 13, 1996


TC 77/SC 77C

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This technical report defines how protective devices for High Altitude Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection of civilian systems are specified. Performance requirements will be given in future IEC standards. This technical report is intended to be used for the harmonization of existing or future specifications issued by protective devices manufacturers, electronic equipment manufacturers, administrative bodies and other buyers. This technical report covers protective devices currently used for protection against HEMP radiated EM fields. In general, parameters relevant to HEMP, that is parameters related to very fast changes of EM fields, as a function of time, are dealt with.

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IEC TS 61000-5-4:1996 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Aug 13, 1996