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IEC 60456/AMD1 ED5

Clothes washing machines for household use - Methods for measuring the performance

General information

30.99     Nov 22, 2021


TC 59/SC 59D

International Standard



IEC 60456:2010 specifies methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for household use, with or without heating devices utilising cold and/or hot water supply. It also deals with appliances for water extraction by centrifugal force (spin extractors) and is applicable to appliances for both washing and drying textiles (washer-dryers) with respect to their washing related functions. This International Standard also covers washing machines which specify the use of no detergent for normal use. This edition includes the following significant changes from the previous edition. Modified test load mass requirement for cases where:
- rated capacity of test machine is not declared;
- introduction of soft water option;
- expanded stain/soil set;
- improved method of loading and folding test load items to better suit vertical axis, horizontal axis and twin tub systems;
- revised and amended reference machine specifications reflecting full qualification on new Electrolux Wascator CLS;
- new reference programmes for lower temperature and vertical axis systems;
- refined rinsing efficiency method;
- introduction of low power modes "OFF" and "Left On";
- new annex regarding uncertanity of measurements.

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IEC 60456:2010 ED5


IEC 60456/AMD1 ED5
30.99 CD approved for registration as DIS
Nov 22, 2021

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Amendment 1 - Clothes washing machines for household use - Methods for measuring the performance

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