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БДС ISO 15031-2:2014

Road vehicles — Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emissions-related diagnostics — Part 2: Guidance on terms, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms

Jul 17, 2014

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90.93     Jun 15, 2021



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ISO 15031-2:2010 provides guidance on the usage of terms, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms used in emissions-related diagnostics, with respect to the communication between road vehicles and external equipment used in that field. It also specifies a procedure for constructing new terms. As it gives recommended usage of diagnostic terms applicable to electrical/electronic systems, it also makes reference to related mechanical terms, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms.
ISO 15031-2:2010 is applicable to all light-duty gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles and trucks, and to heavy-duty gasoline vehicles. Specific applications of this document include diagnostic, service and repair manuals, bulletins and updates, training manuals, repair databases, underhood emission labels and emission certification applications.
ISO 15031-2:2010 is intended to help industry provide standard terms, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms with a view to establishing a common terminology for diagnostic tools and publications.

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СД ISO/TR 15031-2:2009


БДС ISO 15031-2:2014
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 15, 2021

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