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СД CEN/TS 16640:2014

Bio-based products - Determination of the bio based carbon content of products using the radiocarbon method

Jun 17, 2014
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Apr 18, 2017

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95.99     Apr 18, 2017



Technical Specification

71.040.40     83.040.01     13.020.55  




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This Technical Specification specifies a method for the determination of the bio-based carbon content in products, based on the 14C content measurement.
It also specifies three test methods to be used for the determination of the 14C content from which the bio-based carbon content is calculated:
- Method A: Liquid scintillation-counter method (LSC);
- Method B: Beta-ionization (BI);
- Method C: Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS).
The bio-based carbon content is expressed by a fraction of sample mass, as a fraction of the total carbon content or as a fraction of the total organic carbon content.
This calculation method is applicable to any product containing organic carbon, including biocomposites.
NOTE This Technical Specification does not provide the methodology for the calculation of the biomass content of a sample.

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СД CEN/TS 16640:2014
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Apr 18, 2017


БДС EN 16640:2017

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Adopted from CEN/TS 16640:2014