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СД CEN/TR 16184:2011

Characterization of Waste - State-of-the-art document - Analysis of eluates

Sep 21, 2011

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60.60     Sep 21, 2011



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In the Council Decision of 19 December 2002 establishing criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfills pursuant to Article 16 of and Annex II to Directive 1999/31/EC, the test methods are described for determining the acceptability of waste at landfills. In section 3 of the annex of this decision the following umbrella European Standards are included for the analysis of eluates:
- ENV 12506 Analysis of eluates - Determination of pH, As, Ba, Cd, Cl, Co, Cr, Cr(VI), Cu, Mo, Ni, NO2, Pb, total S, SO4, V and Zn (analysis of inorganic constituents of solid waste and/or its eluate; major, minor and trace elements);
- ENV 13370 Analysis of eluates - Determination of ammonium, AOX, conductivity, Hg, phenol index, TOC, easily liberatable CN, F (analysis of inorganic constituents of solid waste and/or its eluate (anions)).
In 2003 both European Standards were approved and became final standards i.e. EN 12506 and EN 13370. At the moment these standards are under revision and therefore a state-of-the-art document is prepared in order to verify the following items:
- Are all parameters mentioned in the decision included in these two European Standards?
- Should new relevant standards (e.g. EN ISO 17294 series) be included?
- Are the current analytical techniques capable of verifying the prescribed limit values with an acceptable confidence level?

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СД CEN/TR 16184:2011
60.60 Standard published
Sep 21, 2011

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