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БДС EN 50342-3:2008

Lead-acid starter batteries - Part 3: Terminal system for batteries with 36 V nominal voltage

Dec 30, 2008

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90.93     Sep 20, 2017

90.00    Sep 20, 2022



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This European Standard is applicable to lead-acid batteries used for starting, lighting and ignition of passenger automobiles and light commercial vehicles with a nominal voltage of 36 V. This standard specifies the position, details of design and dimensions of a system of battery terminals. Starter batteries with 36 V nominal voltage may have the same dimensions and means for fixation as 6 V or 12 V batteries. This can be either intentional or unintentional. Therefore, the compatibility of batteries with 36 V nominal voltage down to electric power nets with 6 V or 12 V nominal voltage should be prevented. Such design of a 36 V termination and contacting system must prevent the case to be connected to a 6 V or 12 V power net in order to avoid serious damage in the 6 V or 12 V power net. For the same reason the design of the battery terminals must prevent that standard commercial jumper-cables may be contacted to the 36 V battery terminals if the battery is installed in the vehicle or not. A commercial application of this standard must expressively be agreed upon as the final standard may differ from the present draft.

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БДС EN 50342-3:2008
90.93 Standard confirmed
Sep 20, 2017

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