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БДС EN 15239:2007

Ventilation for buildings - Energy performance of buildings - Guidelines for inspection of ventilation systems

Sep 28, 2007
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Sep 20, 2017

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95.99     Sep 20, 2017



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This standard develops the methodology required for the inspection of mechanical and natural ventilation systems in relation to its energy consumption.
This standard applies to both residential and non residential buildings.
The inspection may include the following issues, in order to determine the energy performance of the building and its associated mechanical / electrical plant:
- The system conformity related to the original and subsequent design modifications, actual requirements and the present building state.
- Correct operation of the mechanical, electrical or pneumatic components.
- Provision of an adequate and pure supply of ventilation air.
- The functioning of all the controls involved.
- Fan power absorbed and specific fan power.
- Building air tightness.
It is not the intention of the standard to provide a full ventilation system audit. Its purpose is to assess its functioning and its impact on energy consumption. It includes recommendations on possible system improvements.
NOTE The inspection, performed by an independent person to assess the system performance relating to energy consumption, is different from the maintenance that is performed to the owner’s requirements to maintain the optimum system performance.

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БДС EN 15239:2007
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Sep 20, 2017


БДС EN 16798-17:2017

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