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СД CEN/TR 15310-1:2007

Characterization of waste - Sampling of waste materials - Part 1: Guidance on selection and application of criteria for sampling under various conditions

Jun 28, 2007
Jun 17, 2011

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60.60     Jun 28, 2007



Technical Report

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This Technical Report discusses the statistical principles of sampling, and provides a number of statistical tools to assist in the design of testing programmes for application to sampling under various conditions.
NOTE 1 Given the great variety of waste types, sampling situations and objectives, this Technical Report cannot provide definitive instructions that cover all scenarios. Instead, it discusses the basic statistical approach to be followed, and provides statistical tools that can be applied to determine the amount and type of sampling (e.g. number of samples and sample size) in any given situation to achieve results of adequate reliability (i.e. precision and confidence).
NOTE 2 The document provides considerable detail on current best practice, but is not exhaustive.
NOTE 3 To clarify the text, the document provides a number of worked examples.

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СД CEN/TR 15310-1:2007
60.60 Standard published
Jun 28, 2007

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Adopted from CEN/TR 15310-1:2006