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БДС CEN/TR 13983:2004

Characterizataion of sludges - Good practice for sludge utilisation in land reclamation

Jul 30, 2004

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60.60     Jul 30, 2004



Technical Report

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This Technical Report gives indication on sludge utilisation within reclamation programmes of disturbed land.
This Technical Report is applicable to sludges described in the scope of CEN/TC 308; for example:
¾ storm water handling;
¾ urban wastewater collecting systems;
¾ urban wastewater treatment plants;
¾ treating industrial wastewater similar to urban wastewater (as defined in Directive 91/271/EEC [18]);
¾ water supply treatment plants;
¾ water distribution systems;
¾ sludge derived materials;
¾ but excluding hazardous sludges from industry.
NOTE Because of the wide range of reclamation sites where sludge use as a soil ameliorate or source of plant nutrients is beneficial, and the different potential final uses of these sites, recommendations for application should be considered on a site-by-site basis. It is far beyond the scope of these guidelines to describe all the possible situations and the individual ways in which sludge could be used. The aim is to address, in a general qualitative way, the key issues which will determine in each particular case whether, how much and which type of sludge can be used.
Planning considerations (clause 5) are emphasised due to the fact that a general scheme can be adopted as a

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Protection of the environment, and in particular of the soil, when sewage sludge is used in agriculture

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БДС CEN/TR 13983:2004
60.60 Standard published
Jul 30, 2004

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Adopted from CEN/TR 13983:2003