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prБДС EN 17860-7:2023

Carrier cycles - Part 7: Cargo trailers

General information

40.60     Oct 12, 2023



European Standard



This document specifies safety requirements and test methods for single and multi-axle cargo trailers and their connecting devices.
This document applies to cargo trailers with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 600 kg.
This document is not applicable to trailer for transportation of passengers, usually children and for type of trailers which use fifth wheel for connecting to the front cycles as listed in the Table 1 in this document.
Table 1 - Types of cycle trailers
Type of trailer Applicability of this document
Multi track single axle Applicable
Multi track multi axle Applicable
Single track with single axle or multi axle Not applicable
Fifth wheel trailer with single axle or multi axle Not applicable
Cargo Applicable
People/children/pet Not applicable

NOTE Requirements and test methods for electrical assistance for electrically assisted cargo trailers are covered by prEN 17860-5:2023.

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prБДС EN 17860-7:2023
40.60 Close of voting
Oct 12, 2023

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Adopted from prEN 17860-7 IDENTICAL