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prБДС EN 10179 rev:2022

Steels - Determination of nitrogen (trace amounts) - Spectrophotometric method

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40.10     Apr 11, 2023

40.20    Jun 15, 2023



European Standard



This document specifies a method for the spectrophotometric determination of nitrogen in steels.

The method is primarily intended for the determination of total nitrogen in very low nitrogen non-alloy steels. It may be used, however, for any low nitrogen ferrous alloy that is soluble in hydrochloric acid provided that the acid-resistant form of silicon nitride is not present. This highly resistant nitride has been found only in samples of silicon steels manufactured without aluminium addition and then only in sheet material.

The method is applicable to nitrogen contents from 0,0005 to 0,005 % (m/m).

NOTE The method has also been successfully applied to a pure iron with a nitrogen content of 0,0038 % (m/m) - see Annex.

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БДС EN 10179:2000


prБДС EN 10179 rev:2022
40.10 harmonizedStageCodeLabel.40.10
Apr 11, 2023

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