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prБДС EN ISO 23611-2 rev:2023

Soil quality - Sampling of soil invertebrates - Part 2: Sampling and extraction of micro-arthropods (Collembola and Acarina)

General information

10.99     Sep 14, 2022

20.60    Dec 19, 2022



European Standard

13.080.30     13.080.05  


ISO 23611-2:2006 specifies a method for sampling, extracting and preserving collembolans and mites from field soils as a prerequisite for using these animals as bio-indicators (e.g. to assess the quality of a soil as a habitat for organisms).
The sampling and extraction methods of ISO 23611-2:2006 are applicable to almost all types of soils. Exceptions may be soils from extreme climatic conditions (hard, frozen or flooded soils) and other matrices than soil, e.g. tree trunks, plants or lichens.

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БДС EN ISO 23611-2:2011


prБДС EN ISO 23611-2 rev:2023
10.99 New project approved
Sep 14, 2022

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