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prБДС EN 17483-3:2022

Private security services - Protection of Critical Infrastructure - Part 3: Maritime and port security services

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40.60     Dec 8, 2022



European Standard

03.080.20     03.220.40     13.310  


This document includes the sector specific requirements for the provision of private security services for maritime and port security that are additional to the regulations of EN 17483-1:2021.
NOTE 1 This document is the third part of a series of standards on the provision of private security services for critical infrastructure.
NOTE 2 See Figure 2.
Figure 2 - Structure for sector-specific standards - part 3 highlighted
NOTE 3 It is important that the selection of a private security service provider always represents the best balance between quality and price. This document sets out the minimum requirements that providers can comply with in order for this balance to be struck.
It specifies service requirements for quality in organization, processes, personnel and management of a security service provider and/or its independent branches and establishments under commercial law and trade as a provider with regard to maritime and port security services.
It lays down quality criteria for the delivery of maritime and port security services requested by public and private clients. This document is suitable for the selection, attribution, awarding and reviewing of the most suitable provider of maritime and port security services.

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БДС EN 16747:2015


prБДС EN 17483-3:2022
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Dec 8, 2022

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