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prБДС EN 17891:2022

Conservation of cultural heritage - Desalination of porous inorganic materials by poultices

General information

40.60     Oct 20, 2022



European Standard

71.060.01     97.195  


This document specifies one method for the desalination by poultices of porous inorganic materials constituting cultural heritage. The desalination methodology can be applied to salt-loaded porous inorganic materials either affected by salt weathering and/or to allow conservation treatments incompatible with soluble salt(s) contamination, or to prevent salt damage where contamination is known to be present. In all cases the desalination aims to decrease salt content.
Furthermore, this document gives the fundamental requirements for the desalination operation and guidelines for the choice of the most appropriate poultice components according to the characteristics of the substrate and types/quantities of salt(s) present in order to optimize the desalination process.

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prБДС EN 17891:2022
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Oct 20, 2022

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