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БДС EN ISO 25980:2023

Health and safety in welding and allied processes - Transparent welding curtains, strips and screens for arc welding processes (ISO 25980:2023, Corrected version 2023-08)

Oct 16, 2023

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60.60     Oct 16, 2023



European Standard

13.100     25.160.10  




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This document specifies safety requirements for transparent welding curtains, strips and screens to be used in workplaces where arc welding is taking place. They are intended to provide protection against harmful levels of optical radiation and spatter for workers who are in the vicinity of arc welding processes but not involved in the welding itself. They are intended to reduce the discomfort glare from the arc but also allow sufficient luminous transmittance to permit a view into the workspace behind.
The transparent welding curtains can also be used in other applications as long as the UV- and blue-light emissions are less than in arc welding and the transmitted infrared irradiance is below applicable exposure limits. They are designed to be used at a distance from the arc of at least 1 m.
Welding curtains, strips and screens specified in this document are not intended to replace welding filters. For intentional viewing of welding arcs, other means of protection are used, see ISO 16321-1 and ISO 16321-2.
This document is not applicable to protection against laser radiation, for which ISO 19818-1 applies.

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БДС EN ISO 25980:2014


БДС EN ISO 25980:2023
60.60 Standard published
Oct 16, 2023

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Adopted from EN ISO 25980:2023

Adopted from ISO 25980:2023