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prБДС ISO/NP 9241-920:2022

Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 920: Tactile and haptic interactions

General information

30.60     Aug 25, 2022



International Standard

35.180     13.180  


This part of ISO 9241 gives recommendations for tactile/haptic hardware and software interactions. It provides guidance on the design and selection of hardware, software, and combinations of hardware and software interactions, including
• the design/use of tactile/haptic inputs, outputs, and/or combinations of inputs and outputs, with general guidance on their design/use as well as on designing/using combinations of tactile and haptic interactions for use in combination with other modalities or as the exclusive mode of interaction,
• the tactile/haptic encoding of information, including textual data, graphical data and controls,
• the design of tactile/haptic objects,
• the layout of tactile/haptic space, and
• interaction techniques.

For guidance and recommendations on the accessibility of tactile/haptic interactions, including information on the use of braille, see ISO 9241-971. It does not provide recommendations specific to braille but can apply to interactions that make use of braille.

The recommendations given in this part of ISO 9241 are applicable to a variety of tactile/haptic devices, representing the real world or virtual or mixed realities (e.g. exoskeletons, wearables, force feedback devices, touchables, tangibles) and stimulation types (e.g. acoustic radiation pressure, electrical muscle stimulation) and they can also be found in virtual and augmented environments.

This document does not include guidance on the role of walking in virtual or mixed realities for tactile/haptic interaction.

NOTE It is recognized that some interactive scenarios might be constrained by the limitation that a real workspace is to be modelled in a virtual environment. Objects can be in suboptimal positions or conditions for haptic interaction by virtue of the situation being modelled.

This document provides general information about how various forms of interaction can be applied to various user tasks. The use of gestures (e.g. multitouch) can be found in ISO 9241-960. Information on gesture-based interfaces can be found in the multipart standard ISO/IEC 30113. Information on contactless gestures can be found in ISO TS 9241-430.

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БДС EN ISO 9241-920:2016


prБДС ISO/NP 9241-920:2022
30.60 Close of voting/ comment period
Aug 25, 2022

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Adopted from ISO/CD 9241-920