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prБДС EN 12390-19:2022

Testing of hardened concrete - Determination of electrical resistivity

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50.60     Nov 24, 2022



European Standard



This document describes two methods for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete in water saturated conditions: the volumetric method (see 3.1.3), which is the reference method, and the surface method (see 3.1.4). The document gives the procedure to calibrate the surface method by means of the reference-volumetric method. Both methods give the same resistivity result, provided the provisions of the present document (using the Form Factor (Ff) for equivalence between them) are followed.
NOTE The volumetric method is applicable to cast specimens or cores, while the surface method is suitable for use on cast specimens, cores and on construction sites, but not all of these applications are covered in this document.
The method can be applied to the normal range of concretes covered by current standards. It does not cover concretes containing metallic components or made with porous aggregates.
The use of resistivity to assess the potential for corrosion of reinforcement in existing structures is not specified in this document.
The use of resistivity to test cores taken from an existing structure, which require pre-conditioning by water saturation, is not covered in this document.

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prБДС EN 12390-19:2022
50.60 Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat
Nov 24, 2022

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