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prБДС EN ISO 15535:2023

General requirements for establishing anthropometric databases (ISO 15535:2023)

General information

60.55     Aug 24, 2023




European Standard


Appropriate for SMEs


This document specifies general requirements for anthropometric databases and their associated reports that contain measurements taken in accordance with ISO 7250-1.
It provides necessary information, such as characteristics of the user population, sampling methods, measurement items and statistics, to make international comparison possible among various population segments. The population segments specified in this document are people who are able to hold the postures specified in ISO 7250-1.
NOTE            The traditional anthropometry defined in ISO 7250-1 is considered to be a necessary complement to 3-D methods, which are used in some countries. Scanned data are verified according to the definitions given in ISO 7250-1 (see ISO 20685-1). State-of-the-art software allows integration of traditional anthropometric measures with those obtained by 3-D imaging.

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БДС EN ISO 15535:2012


prБДС EN ISO 15535:2023
60.55 Ratification completed (DOR)
Aug 24, 2023

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Adopted from EN ISO 15535:2023

Adopted from ISO 15535:2023