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prБДС EN 1992-1-1:2022

Eurocode 2 - Design of concrete structures - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings, bridges and civil engineering structures

General information

45.99     Dec 21, 2022

50.20    Apr 20, 2023



European Standard

91.010.30     91.080.40  


1.1 Scope of FprEN 1992-1-1
(1) This document gives the general basis for the design of structures in plain, reinforced and prestressed concrete made with normal weight, lightweight and heavyweight aggregates. It gives specific rules for buildings, bridges and civil engineering structures, including temporary structures; additional requirements specific to bridges are given in Annex K. The rules are valid under temperature conditions between −40 °C and +100 °C generally. This document complies with the principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability, durability and robustness of structures, the basis of their design and verification that are given in EN 1990.
(2) This document is only concerned with the requirements for resistance, serviceability, durability, robustness and fire resistance of concrete structures. Other requirements, e.g. concerning thermal or sound insulation, are not considered.
(3) This document does not cover:
- resistance to fire (see EN 1992 1 2);
- fastenings in concrete (see EN 1992 4);
- seismic design (see EN 1998 (all parts));
- particular aspects of special types of civil engineering works (such as dams, pressure vessels);
- structures made with no-fines concrete, aerated or cellular concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure components;
- structures containing steel sections considered in design (see EN 1994 (all parts)) for composite steel and concrete structures;
- structural parts made of concrete with a smallest value of the upper sieve aggregate size Dlower < 8 mm (or if known Dmax < 8 mm) unless otherwise stated in this Eurocode.
1.2 Assumptions
(1) The assumptions of EN 1990 apply to FprEN 1992-1-1.
(2) It is assumed that the requirements for execution and workmanship given in EN 13670 are complied with.

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БДС EN 1992-1-1:2005


prБДС EN 1992-1-1:2022
45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC
Dec 21, 2022

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