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prБДС EN 12299:2022

Railway applications - Ride comfort for passengers - Measurement and evaluation

General information

40.20     Dec 15, 2022

40.60    Feb 23, 2023



European Standard



The purpose of this document is to provide methods for quantifying the ride comfort of a passenger in a rail vehicle in response to the track sections it is operated over.
The methods aim to quantify the effects of vehicle body motions on ride comfort and to make the assessment of passenger comfort predictable, repeatable, objective and meaningful.
The methods and comfort scales are validated for people of good health.
This document applies to passengers in rail vehicles operating on heavy rail networks.
This document may also be used as a guide for example on urban rail systems, but their operational routes/environments may make it difficult to comply with the requirements of the test methods.
This document applies to measurements of motions. It also applies to simulated motions. Guidance is provided on:
- which method described within the document should be used for different scenarios;
- typical values for different comfort levels;
- the application of simulation.
This document excludes health and safety issues, non-passenger carrying vehicles, vehicle homologation and safety, limit values, motion sickness, discomfort caused by accelerating and braking, design guidelines and measurement technology.

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БДС EN 12299:2009


prБДС EN 12299:2022
40.20 DIS ballot initiated
Dec 15, 2022

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