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prБДС EN 17682:2021

Railway applications - Infrastructure - Resilient element for floating slab system

General information

40.20     Jun 17, 2021

40.60    Aug 26, 2021



European Standard



This European Standard is applicable to Resilient Element for Floating Slab system (REFS) – Elements used in floating slab and defines the test procedures and their acceptance criteria.
The standard covers not only those parameters related to the effectiveness of a track structure in mitigating vibrations, that is, to reduce the emission of vibrations and structure-borne noise, but also the parameters that are needed for the static analysis and for the verification of track safety.
Floating slab track systems in the form of track base plates and track troughs are individual solutions in which there is considerable variation in the engineering design and the types of resilient elements used. For this reason, a floating slab track system is always an individual engineering solution and therefore, it is not possible to define all specific conditions for the resilient elements in the present standard
The most typical types of resilient elements are:
- Full surface bearings,
- Strip bearings,
- Discrete bearings (including the helical steel spring element),
- Vertical bearings.
This standard provides particular information in the following areas:
- tests methods, tests arrangements and evaluation criteria of Resilient Element for Floating Slab system,
- data supplied by the purchaser and by the supplier,
- definition of general process of homologation,
- definition of routine tests.
This standard defines the specific test procedures for REFS:
- stiffness tests,
- fatigue tests,
- severe environmental condition test.
This standard also sets out procedures for testing fitness for purpose and provides information on quality monitoring as part of quality assurance procedures. This standard does not, however, contain requirements pertaining to the functions of Resilient Element for Floating Slab system. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to define these requirements and to choose the optional tests.
This standard is not applicable for fastening system and for booted concrete block and sleeper completed with boots covered by EN 13481-5.

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prБДС EN 17682:2021
40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks
Jun 17, 2021

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