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prБДС EN 1009-1:2020/A1:2023

Machines for mechanical processing of minerals and similar solid materials - Safety - Part 1: Common requirements for machinery and processing plants

General information

40.20     Dec 7, 2023

40.60    Feb 15, 2024



European Standard

73.120     91.220  


This document applies to machines for mechanical processing of minerals (cement, lime and gypsum, sand and gravel, industrial minerals, metalliferous ore and hard and soft rock aggregates, coal) and -products (slag and ashes, production and demolition waste) in construction and industry.
It deals with the following types of individual machines for the mechanical processing of minerals and similar solid materials:
- feeding machinery in accordance with EN 1009-2;
- crushing machinery in accordance with EN 1009-3;
- milling machinery in accordance with EN 1009-3;
- screening machinery in accordance with EN 1009-4;
- machinery for cleaning, water recycling, sorting (other than screens) and mud treatment in accordance with EN 1009-5;
- mobile machinery in accordance with prEN 1009-6.
This document gives the common safety requirements for mechanical processing machines used for quarrying, recycling and processing mineral and by-products (cement, lime and gypsum, sand and gravel, industrial minerals, metalliferous ore, production and demolition waste, slag handling, hard and soft rock aggregates, coal) in construction and surface mining and is intended to be used in conjunction with one of the parts EN 1009 2 to prEN 1009-6. These machine specific parts (EN 1009 2 to prEN 1009 6) do not repeat the requirements from this document, but add or replace the requirements for the machine type in question.
NOTE 1 The requirements specified in this part of EN 1009 are common to two or more types of machines for the mechanical processing of minerals and similar solid materials.
Specific requirements in EN 1009 2 to prEN 1009-6 take precedence over the respective requirements of this document.
This document also covers assemblies of two or more of the mentioned machines which function as an integrated whole. The machines included in the scope of this document can be fixed, semi-mobile or mobile.
NOTE 2 prEN 1009-6 "Specific requirements for mobile and semi mobile equipment" is under preparation to cover specific requirements (e.g. mobility, braking, access, frequent transportation), including exceptions and additional requirements for mobile and semi mobile equipment.
This document covers transportation, erection, commissioning, use and maintenance of single machines or combination of single machines.
This document deals with significant hazards, common to the types of machines listed in this scope when they are used as intended and under conditions for misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer (see Annex F) and to the hazards due to the combination of these machines and specifies the appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce the risks arising from the significant hazards.
Design relating to road traffic regulations is not covered by this document.
This document does not cover:
- design relating to road traffic regulations;
- hazards arising from the use of the machines in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as from processing of explosive materials and risks related to electromagnetic compatibility;
- specific hazards related to mobile machinery.
NOTE 3 EN ISO 13766-1 and EN ISO 13766-2 specify test methods and acceptance criteria for evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of all kinds of mobile construction machinery.
This document is not applicable to machinery which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.

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Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast)

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БДС EN 1009-1:2020


prБДС EN 1009-1:2020/A1:2023
40.20 DIS ballot initiated
Dec 7, 2023

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Adopted from EN 1009-1:2020/prA1


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