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prБДС EN ISO 14083:2022

Greenhouse gases - Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions arising from transport chain operations (ISO/FDIS 14083:2022)

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50.60     Jan 26, 2023



European Standard

13.020.40     03.220.01  

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This proposed standard will establish a common methodology for the quantification of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to any transport operations (of freight, passengers or both).
It will specify general principles, definitions, system boundaries, calculation methods, apportionment rules (allocation) and data recommendations, with the objective to promote standardised, consistent, credible and verifiable reporting, regarding energy consumption and GHG emissions related to any transport. It will also include examples on the application of the principles and default emission and consumption data recommended in the absence of available specific data.
Potential users of this proposed standard are any person or organisation who needs to refer to a standardized methodology when reporting the results of the quantification of energy consumption and GHG emissions related to a transport service, especially:
 transport service operators (freight or passengers carriers);
 transport service organisers (carriers subcontracting transport operations and freight forwarders);
 transport service users (shippers and passengers).
GHG calculation scope shall include Scope1-3 emissions on a well-to-wheel basis. Therefore, the calculation of energy consumption and GHG emissions shall cover upstream energy processes (like fuel extraction/production, transport and refining) as well as processes at point of use.
With reference to Scope 1-3 according to the GHG Protocol „Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard”, the new ISO standard shall also contain the definition of roles and reporting scopes of the above actors in the transport chain.

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БДС EN 16258:2012


prБДС EN ISO 14083:2022
50.60 Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat
Jan 26, 2023

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