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prБДС EN 15713:2022

Secure destruction of confidential material - Code of practice

General information

45.99     Nov 7, 2022

50.20    Jan 12, 2023



European Standard



This document provides recommendations and requirements for the procedures, processes and performance monitoring to be implemented for the management and control of the mechanical destruction of confidential and sensitive material to ensure that such material is disposed of securely and safely.
This document can be referenced by anyone who processes such material for themselves or on behalf of others and covers the following scenarios:
- on site - using mobile equipment at the location of use (destruction equipment is brought to the confidential or sensitive material);
- off site - transport followed by destruction using equipment at a destruction facility (the confidential or sensitive material is brought to the destruction equipment, such as used at a dedicated external facility operated by a service provider);
- using static equipment at the location of use (confidential or sensitive material and destruction equipment co-located, such as a shredder in a building occupied by a client or clients).
Destruction by erasure is not covered in this document.

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БДС EN 15713:2009


prБДС EN 15713:2022
45.99 Dispatch of FV draft to CCMC
Nov 7, 2022

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