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БДС EN 13067:2020

Plastics welding personnel - Qualification of welders - Thermoplastics welded assemblies

Dec 21, 2020

General information

60.60     Dec 21, 2020



European Standard

03.100.30     25.160.10  




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This document specifies the method of testing the knowledge and skill of a welder who is required to carry out welds on thermoplastics in new constructions and repair work.
The skill examination of a welder is an essential condition for the assurance of the quality of the welding work.
The application of this document guarantees that the examination is carried out according to a uniform test procedure.
This document applies when the contractor or the authorities responsible for the application require it.
Gas and water utility network industries with alternative qualification programmes are excluded from this document.
This document applies to the following welding processes:
- hot gas welding: round nozzle, speed, wedge;
- extrusion welding;
- heated tool welding: butt, saddle, socket, wedge;
- electrofusion welding: socket, saddle;
- solvent welding: socket.
This document applies to the welding of the following products:
- sheet;
- pipe (unreinforced, solid wall only);
- fittings (unreinforced only);
- lining membrane.
This document covers the welding of the following groups of materials:
a) for sheets, pipes and fittings:
- group 1: PVC (including all kinds of PVC-U, PVC-C) or ABS;
- group 2: PP (including all kinds of PP);
- group 3: PE (including all kinds of PE);
- group 4: PVDF;
- group 5: ECTFE or PFA or FEP;
b) for lining membranes and flooring:
- group 6: PVC-P;
- group 7: PE (including all kinds of PE);
- group 8: ECB;
- group 9: PP;
c) for pipes and fittings only:
- group 10: PA-U 11 or PA-U 12.

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БДС EN 13067:2012


БДС EN 13067:2020
60.60 Standard published
Dec 21, 2020

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