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СД CEN ISO/TR 16401-1:2018

Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of equipment for conformity to ISO/TS 17575-2 - Part 1: Test suite structure and test purposes (ISO/TR 16401-1:2018)

May 17, 2018
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Nov 15, 2023

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95.99     Nov 15, 2023



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03.220.20     35.240.60  


решение за отмяна на CEN/TC 278 , 015/2023 от 2023-06-12

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ISO/TR 16401-1:2018 covers the test purposes for Front End Communications API covering functionalities related to instance handling, session handling, communication service primitives (i.e. sending/receiving of ADUs) and visible state transitions. It covers EFC communication services described in ISO 17575‑2:2016, Clause 5 and PICS proforma in ISO 17575‑2:2016, B.2. Claims related to Front End storage capacity are out of scope of this document.
ISO/TR 16401-1:2018 covers the test purposes for Front End Application related to session establishment on Back End request and related to session re-establishment when session requested by Back End failed. There are no other claims with respect to Front End Application described in ISO 17575‑2.
The underlying communication technology requirements for layer 1 to 4 specified in ISO 17575‑2:2016, Clause 6 are out of scope of this document.
Similarly, Back End Communications API is out of scope of this document. According to ISO 17575‑2 it is expected that these Front End Communications API will be "reflected" in the BE; however, BE Communications API is out of scope of ISO 17575‑2.
Test purposes have been organized into the test suite groups, designated for the Front End Communications API and Front End Application, respectively.
Aside from the test purposes, this document also provides proforma conformance test reports templates for both the Front End and Back End test purposes.
ISO 17575‑2 contains more information regarding the requirements against which the conformance is evaluated in this document.

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Directive 2004/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network

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СД CEN ISO/TS 16401-1:2012


СД CEN ISO/TR 16401-1:2018
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Nov 15, 2023

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Adopted from CEN ISO/TR 16401-1:2018

Adopted from ISO/TR 16401-1:2018