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СД CLC/TS 50131-2-11:2017

Alarm systems - Intrusion and hold-up systems - Part 2-11: Intrusion detectors - ALDDR

Jun 14, 2017

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60.60     Jun 14, 2017



Technical Specification





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This Technical Specification is for ALDDR inside buildings and provides four security grades 1 to 4 (see EN 50131-1), specific or non-specific wire or wire-free ALDDR, and uses environmental classes I to IV (see EN 50130-5).
An ALDDR fulfils all the requirements of the specified grade.
The ALDDR detects an intruder inside a predefined area.
This standard covers ALDDR using both pulsed and continuous wave laser operation technologies according to LIDAR principle (Light Detection And Ranging). Other technologies i.e. doppler based laser operation or use of additional retro-reflective objects or video based technologies are not covered by this standard.
Functions additional to the mandatory functions specified in this standard may be included in the ALDDR, providing they do not adversely influence the correct operation of the mandatory functions.
This Technical Specification does not apply to system interconnections.
This Technical Specification does not deal with requirements for compliance with regulatory directives, such as EMC-directive, low-voltage directive, etc., except that it specifies the equipment operating conditions for EMC- susceptibility testing as required by EN 50130-4.

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СД CLC/TS 50131-2-11:2017
60.60 Standard published
Jun 14, 2017

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