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Non-destructive testing of welds - Acceptance levels for radiographic testing - Part 1: Steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (ISO 10675-1:2021)

ТК-30 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Conservation of cultural heritage - General terms for describing the alterations of objects

ТК-94 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Ergonomics - Accessible design - Spoken instructions of consumer products (ISO 24551:2019)

ТК-59 more

Surface dressing - Test methods - Part 1: Rate of spread and accuracy of spread of binder and chippings

ТК-68 more

Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Information security controls

ТК-57 more
Standardization editing

Firefighting and rescue service vehicles - Part 1: Nomenclature and designation

ТК-1 more
Standardization editing

Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 1: Introduction

ТК-1 more
Approved by BDS TC/BDS BT

High-voltage test techniques - Part 1: General definitions and test requirements

ТК-79 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Risk management — Vocabulary

ТК-34 more

Governance of organizations — Guidance

ТК-34 more

Conformity assessment — Vocabulary related to competence of persons used for certification of persons

ТК-34 more

Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on project management

ТК-106 more

Project, programme and portfolio management — Context and concepts

ТК-106 more

Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel (ISO 9712:2021)

ТК-24 more

Office furniture - Office work chair - Part 1: Dimensions - Determination of dimensions

ТК-33 more

Blinds and shutters - Thermal and visual comfort - Performance characteristics and classification

ТК-96 more

Curtain walling - Determination of the strength of shear connections - Test method and requirements

ТК-96 more

Leisure accommodation vehicles - Caravan holiday homes - Habitation requirements relating to health and safety

ТК-14 more