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Child care articles - Wheeled child conveyances - Part 2: Pushchairs for children above 15 kg up to 22 kg

ТК-98 more

Child care articles - Wheeled child conveyances - Part 1: Pushchairs and prams

ТК-98 more

Postal services - Interfaces for cross border parcels

ТК-80 more

Flexible sheets for waterproofing - Determination of the resistance to wind load of mechanically fastened flexible sheets for roof waterproofing

ТК-61 more

Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Wrought products and cast products - Special requirements for products intended for the production of pressure equipment

CEN/TC 132 more

Desktop and notebook computers - Measurement of energy consumption

ТК-47 more

Alarm systems - Alarm transmission systems and equipment - Part 3: Requirements for Receiving Centre Transceiver (RCT)

ТК-53 more

Alarm systems - Intrusion and hold-up systems - Part 2-3: Requirements for microwave detectors

ТК-53 more

Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Information security management systems — Requirements

ТК-57 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 3: Carbon nano-objects (ISO/TS 80004-3:2020)

ТК-99 more

Foot and leg protectors - Requirements and test methods for footwear components - Part 4: Non-metallic perforation resistant inserts (ISO 22568-4:2021)

CEN/TC 161 more

Thermal insulation products for building applications - Determination of the pull-through resistance of plate anchors through thermal insulation products

ТК-61 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Building and civil engineering sealants - Determination of resistance to compression (ISO 11432:2021)

ТК-61 more

Road marking materials - Paint, thermoplastic and cold plastic materials - Physical properties

ТК-68 more

Characterization of pavement texture by use of surface profiles - Part 1: Determination of mean profile depth (ISO 13473-1:2019, Corrected version 2021-06)

ТК-68 more

Road and airfield surface characteristics - Test methods - Part 5: Determination of longitudinal unevenness indices

ТК-68 more

Explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection - Part 2: Basic concepts and methodology for mining

ТК-1 more
Editorial and stylistic review

Iron ores — Determination of total iron content using the EDTA photometric titration method — Part 1: Microwave digestion method

ТК-55 more