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ISO proposal for a new field of technical activity: Consumer product safety management

ISO proposal for a new field of technical activity**: *Consumer product safety management***

The proposal for the creation of a new Technical Committee Consumer product safety management is made by Standardization Administration of China (SAC).

Scope Standardization in the field of consumer product safety management to develop terminology, requirements, principles, framework, guidance, testing methods and supporting tools, for all relevant organizations, on and to support activities such as risk evaluation, safety early-warning and traceability, intelligent regulatory technology,safety control for emerging consumer products, safety management of the consumer products for specific population groups.

Purpose and justification of the proposal

Consumer product safety has always been the focus of international attention, and the use of the means of safety evaluation, information, intelligence and so on to carry out safety management of consumer products, is one of the important method to ensure the safety of consumer products, involving various fields such as safety, risk, informationization, and testing technology. At present, no relevant TC in ISO is aimed at formulating relevant international standards with focusing on consumer product safety.

Since consumer product safety is related to the image of a country, the economic development, and the physical and mental health of the people, many countries and governments in the world regard consumer product safety as an important part of national regulation and take effective measures to strengthen the supervision and management. However, despite these efforts, the status of consumer product safety is still not optimistic. According to the statistic by RAPEX and CPSC, the number of recall notifications for consumer products has shown an upward trend year by year from 2016 to 2019.

From the perspective for the government to carry out the work of risk early-warning, it is the key link to conduct hazard identification and risk assessment to determine whether to send out a risk early-warning for the consumer products that do not comply with existing regulations and standards. Therefore, it is required to formulate a scientific and unified method system to guide the government to develop the relevant work so as to enhance the comparability and scientificity of the results of risk assessment and early warning. In addition, it can be seen from the analysis on the aforementioned recall notification incidents that not all the incidents triggering the recalls due to consumer product safety are caused by non-compliance with current product standards.

More importantly, it is because, although the aforementioned products comply with current standards and technical regulations, it can be assessed by the risk evaluation methods for product safety as they are very easy to cause personal injury to consumers when the consumer misuse behaviors that can be foreseen reasonably occur; therefore, it is believed that such a product has a high grade of safety risk, and recall notifications can also be taken to prevent the risks before they occur. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop the unified and standardized methods for the hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk early warning of consumer product safety for government supervision and management and the corporate self-discipline. This is an important link in ensuring consumer product safety and an important technical means to maintain the physical and mental health of consumers

The relevant laws and regulations focus on the responsibility, rights and benefits of the subjects and objects of consumer product safety regulation from the perspective of the legal system, but do not regulate the specific technical methods. In conclusion, the above-mentioned international standards alone do not cover the international standards to be developed by this newly proposed TC.

Potential stakeholders are: Public authorities, enterprises, academic institutions and testing evaluation agencies, trade associations, consumers, and other.

In case of national interest, BDS can approve the creation of ISO/TC on Consumer product safety management . If the establishment of ISO/TC is accepted by the national standards bodies – members of ISO, Bulgaria can obtain P- or O-membership in the work of the newly established committee.

The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of ISO technical activity by 21.12.2020 to Petar Lozev, e-mail: petar.lozev@bds-bg.org, tel: +359 2 81 74 539.

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