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Plastics - the topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine

The topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine is about plastics - products without which modern life seems unthinkable. However, their widespread use is directly related to the generation of large amounts of waste, which is a problem for nature conservation. On the other hand, most types of plastics are recyclable and reusable. The standards and standardization documents, which we present in the new issue, can be of help for that.

Recycling plastic products saves raw materials, water and energy by minimizing harmful emissions to air, water or soil, as well as their impact on health. In order to ensure that recycling is the best environmental option for the treatment of available waste, it is preferable to comply with certain requirements set out in the series of standards for recycled plastics, which we present in detail.

It is important for the health of all of us to strictly observe all safety requirements when our food gets into contact with plastics. European Union legislation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food is constantly changing. We present important standards, which set out detailed requirements for materials and articles in contact with food. We also present the requirements for disposable food buckets.

"It is important to note that it is not plastics that pollute nature, but human activities related to their production and use. There is an extremely wide range of standards in the field of plastics. There is a standard for every raw material, for every finished product ", says the expert Petranka Naydenova-Marinova.

That is why we present this important topic from the vast world of standardization, which helps us to live in a more beautiful and clean world.


Бр. 1/2022 г. - Пластмасите

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