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In recent years, CEN and CENELEC have worked extensively on standardization for the railway sector – a fundamental aspect to ensure the uptake and interoperability of new technologies across the whole EU.

ISO 9001 gets quality check

Used by millions of organizations around the globe, the world-standard reference for quality, ISO 9001, Quality management systems – Requirements, has just passed its “warrant of fitness”.

Best in small packages - Supporting small businesses on Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

The topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine – how food safety is managed

Food chain management and food safety are crucial to our existence at a time of unprecedented global pandemic.

Свиква се годишното общо събрание на БИС

Управителният съвет на Българския институт за стандартизация на основание чл. 12, ал. 6 от Закона за националната стандартизация (ЗНС) свиква редовно общо събрание на 18.06.2021 г. от 11 часа в Националния дом на науката и техниката в София

World Environment Day

ISO at the heart of global effort to rebuild our planet

New ISO standards for medical devices

Taking the headache out of regulations while improving product safety and performance

New handbook for preventing and combating bribery in organizations

ISO 37001, Anti-bribery management systems, helps organizations put in place appropriate measures to prevent and address bribery, thereby cultivating a culture of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Публикувани са нови стандартизационни документи за туристическия сектор – CWA 5643-1:2021 (ISO/PAS 5643-2:2021) и CWA 5643-2:2021

(включващи изисквания и насоки за предотвратяване на разпространението на COVID-19 в туристическата индустрия)

World Metrology Day - No better measure for Health

From research into diseases to the development of medical devices and treatments, the healthcare sector is heavily reliant on quality-assured measurement.

ISO proposal for a New work item Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality

Standardization in the field of gender equality with the aim of developing a technical guidance on how to promote and implement gender equality in all types of organizations, public or private, regardless of their size, location and field of activity.

New Terms of use for the “Online reading of standards” service

Following a detailed analysis of the use of the "ONLINE READING OF STANDARDS" service the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization found a need for a change in the terms of use.

ISO proposal for NWIP Guidance on evaluating standardization benefits for organizations

This document provides guidance for organizations to understand and apply the evaluation principles, methods and procedures of economic and social benefits of standardization.

Proposal for creation of ISO new work item Online Game Term

The proposal specifies the definition of terms used in game research and development, operation, management, copyright, eSports, derivative production and sales.

ISO proposal for a New work item Guidance for advertising and marketing affecting children

The proposed standard will provide principles and best practice guidelines for advertising and marketing to protect children at different ages and stages of development from harm and to promote their healthy physical and psychological growth

Уебинар на тема „Прилагане на управление на риска в системи за управление“

БИС организира уебинар на тема „Прилагане на управление на риска в системи за управление (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 19011:2018)“, който ще се проведе онлайн на 20.05.2021 г. от 10:00 ч

Proposal for creation of new ISO Technical Committee District Energy System

Scope statement of the proposed new committee Standardization of planning, operation, maintenance, optimization and application of the integrated district energy system with multiple energy carriers.

УС на БИС одобри програмата „Лоялни клиенти” за 2021 г.

Програмата „Лоялни клиенти” е насочена към нашите членове и редовни клиенти, които активно ползват продуктите и услугите на БИС, при спазване на авторските права върху разпространението на стандартите.