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New ISO strategy to 2030

ISO has announced its new long-term strategy that will guide the actions of the organization and help it to achieve its vision of making lives easier, safer and better. The Strategy was developed using the same collaborative approach that is behind ISO standards: members from 165 countries contributed to the development, refinement and approval of this foundational guiding document.

A clear strategy has always guided the organization, but the new strategy will be in place for almost ten years, twice as long as previous strategies. This enables ISO to adopt a long-term approach to global issues whose scale cannot be realistically addressed in a five-year period. The more ambitious time frame allows the organization to better respond to environmental and human challenges such as improved sustainability, resilience and equality.

A longer-term strategy also allows ISO to bring a consistent focus to the evolution of the standardization system itself, including ongoing modernization of its underpinning technology and adapting to the pace of digitalization and the changing ways in which standards will be used by businesses and organizations of all kinds.

The ISO Strategy 2030 outlines its vision and its mission for the next ten years and a set of goals and priorities.

ISO vision is to make lives easier, safer and better through the International standards, aiming to contribute to improving people’s quality of life every day.

ISO mission is to bring, through its members and their stakeholders, people together to agree on International Standards that respond to global challenges. ISO standards support global trade, drive inclusive and equitable economic growth, advance innovation and promote health and safety to achieve a sustainable future.

The goals and the priorities, that will help the organization to maximize its impact, are:

ISO strategy will be regularly reviewed and adjusted when needed, to respond to any changes in the external environment.