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Jewelry - the topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine


Jewelry - the topic of the new issue of “BDS Compass” magazine

Standards provide for protection not only for our safety, but also for the beauty we are seeking. The topic of the first issue of “BDS Compass” magazine this year is jewelry, as standardization is one of the important tools to prevent bogus and counterfeited goods. We present standards that explain how samples should be taken, how the content of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in jewelry alloys should be determined. Standards also help us recognize diamonds - we present a voluntary for application guidance on how diamonds, cultured diamonds, synthetic diamonds, composite diamonds and diamond imitations should be described.

Eng. Galina Spasova explains in "Experience" section that the standards are of indisputable benefit to the business and are a guarantee for high quality.

The “Focus” heading is dedicated to “Self-Assessment Integrated with EN ISO 9001 Certification”.

Standardization is a collective effort. Everyone is valuable with his/her own experience and skills that contribute to the success of standards application. To recognise and celebrate this, CEN and CENELEC are launching a new project “Faces of Standardization”. BDS through “BDS Compass” magazine has always given the floor to and has presented the individuals who, with their broad knowledge and expertise, make a valuable contribution to the development of the standardization system.


Бр.1/2020 - Бижутерия   Темата на този брой е бижутерията, тъй като стандартизацията е един от важните инструменти, предпазващи от фалш и ментета.