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ISO proposal for a new field of technical activity “Heat Supply Network (HSN)”

Scope: Standardization in the field of HSN including design, construction, integration, control and regulation based on heating supply pipeline system

Purpose and justification of the proposal
The proposed new field of technical activities on HSN will complement and strengthen existing ISO activities and successful industry initiatives to clean energy transition, infrastructure and etc. in line with ISO STRATEGY 2030 and UN SDGs. The proposed TC will provide an opportunity to widely apply the relevant ISO standards in the form of integrated solution of HSN.

The successful delivery of a holistic HSN standardization program therefore requires a new committee, and dedicated committee support, which brings together all stakeholders. By establishing liaisons with relevant technical committees and its related SCs, any potential overlap or duplication could be managed and minimized.

A holistic standards program for HSN at the ISO level will help to support the global efforts on low carbon, energy conservation, supportive and safe (LESS)- in line with sustainable development goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development and the direction of development raised by the Paris Agreement. As one of the important factors, the quality improvement and efficiency of heating network can not be ignored.

With the establishment of large thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, the distance of heat energy transmission is getting furtherer and furtherer, and the pipe diameter is also increasing bigger and bigger. Therefore, countries generally adopt indirect heating system on a large scale, and long-distance transmission pipelines with high temperature circulating water.

With the emerging of new technologies and new equipment, the compatibility of multi-type heat sources and heat users, lower transmission loss and two-way operation network mechanism have become the new tendencies.

Relevant affected stakeholder categories
This proposed new field would be designed to meet the needs of different stakeholders including heat supply planners, heat suppliers, regulators, utilities, infrastructure companies, service companies, and consumers for standardized terminology, technology and supporting tools of HSN.

In case of national interest, Bulgaria can support the creation of this ISO/TC „Heat Supply Network (HSN)”. If the establishment of ISO/TC is accepted by the national standards bodies – members of ISO, BDS can obtain P- or O-membership in the work of the newly established committee.

The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of ISO technical activity by 08.11.2021 to Antoaneta Bozhkova, e-mail: antoaneta.bozhkova@bds-bg.org, tel: +359 2 81 74 583.

For more information about the proposal see here: