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ISO proposal for a creation of a new technical committee „Smart distribution in logistics“

Proposal is made by National Standards Body of China (SAC)

Scope: The scope of the proposed new technical committee is to standardize services, techniques application and management in the field of distribution in logistics, specifically including the process of distributing goods from manufacturer or distributor to regional hub, distribution center, and ultimately to businesses such as urban retailers, and to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of distribution operations, and to enhance the stability, flexibility and sustainability of distribution in logistics.

Purpose and justification for the proposal

Technological innovation drives market prosperity and economic development. Distribution in logistics is playing an increasingly important role in economic life and is receiving high attention and active participation from various stakeholders

There are also challenges for distribution in current logistics: such as inefficient operation, difficult to match logistics supply and demand, poor controllability of long-distance distribution process, unstable service quality, loopholes in safety management, health and occupational risks of practitioners, and related air and noise pollution.

The potential stakeholders:

suppliers, technical equipment parties, practitioners, customers, and relevant government departments  

In case of national interest, Bulgaria can support the creation of this ISO/TC „Smart distribution in logistics”. If the establishment of ISO/TC is accepted by the national standards bodies – members of ISO, BDS can obtain P- or O-membership in the work of the newly established committee. 

The national stakeholders can provide their position on the proposal for this new work item of ISO by 20.06.2022 to Desislava Gulenova, e-mail: desislava.gulenova@bds-bg.org,  tel: +359 2 81 74 581.

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