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International Classification of Standards (ICS)

The ICS (International Classification for Standards) is intended to serve as a structure for catalogues of international, regional and national standards and other normative documents, and as a basis for standing-order systems for international, regional and national standards. It may also be used for classifying standards and normative documents in databases, libraries, etc. The general term “standard” is applied to all international, regional and national normative documents, such as standards, technical reports, technical specifications, technical regulations, guides, codes of practice, etc. and the drafts of such documents. The ICS is a hierarchical classification which consists of three levels. The first level is presented below. By clicking on the number, you can open the second level etc.


Processes in the food industry

Food products in general

General methods of tests and analysis for food products

Cereals, pulses and derived products

Fruits. Vegetables

Milk and milk products

Meat, meat products and other animal produce

Tea. Coffee. Cocoa


Sugar. Sugar products. Starch


Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds

Spices and condiments. Food additives

Prepackaged and prepared foods

Sensory analysis

Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs

Plants and equipment for the food industry