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International Classification of Standards (ICS)

The ICS (International Classification for Standards) is intended to serve as a structure for catalogues of international, regional and national standards and other normative documents, and as a basis for standing-order systems for international, regional and national standards. It may also be used for classifying standards and normative documents in databases, libraries, etc. The general term “standard” is applied to all international, regional and national normative documents, such as standards, technical reports, technical specifications, technical regulations, guides, codes of practice, etc. and the drafts of such documents. The ICS is a hierarchical classification which consists of three levels. The first level is presented below. By clicking on the number, you can open the second level etc.

Browse by ICS : 01.040. Vocabularies

Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (Vocabularies)

Services. Company organization, management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology (Vocabularies)

Natural and applied sciences (Vocabularies)

Health care technology (Vocabularies)

Environment. Health protection. Safety (Vocabularies)

Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena (Vocabularies)

Testing (Vocabularies)

Mechanical systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)

Fluid systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)

Manufacturing engineering (Vocabularies)

Energy and heat transfer engineering (Vocabularies)

Electrical engineering (Vocabularies)

Electronics (Vocabularies)

Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering (Vocabularies)

Information technology (Vocabularies)

Image technology (Vocabularies)

Precision mechanics. Jewellery (Vocabularies)

Road vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)

Railway engineering (Vocabularies)

Shipbuilding and marine structures (Vocabularies)

Aircraft and space vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)

Materials handling equipment (Vocabularies)

Packaging and distribution of goods (Vocabularies)

Textile and leather technology (Vocabularies)

Clothing industry (Vocabularies)

Agriculture (Vocabularies)

Food technology (Vocabularies)

Chemical technology (Vocabularies)

Mining and minerals (Vocabularies)

Petroleum and related technologies (Vocabularies)

Metallurgy (Vocabularies)

Wood technology (Vocabularies)

Glass and ceramics industries (Vocabularies)

Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)

Paper technology (Vocabularies)

Paint and colour industries (Vocabularies)

Construction materials and building (Vocabularies)

Civil engineering (Vocabularies)

Military Affairs. Military engineering. Weapons (Vocabularies)

Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports (Vocabularies)