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Getting involved

A European standard is shaped by those who contribute to its development.

This is why your input can make the difference when drafting a standard.
"Participating in the development of standards enables us to network and gather information. We can learn what the standards will be for our customers and it gives us a commercial advantage in developing products to meet them." says Lennart Jansson, Managing Director of Firefly, Developer of commercial fire safety equipment with 50 employees, based in Örebro, Sweden.

There are several ways to get involved in the standardization process:

At national level by contributing your expert knowledge

Have your say: national members allow you to give your views on standards being developed. Contact your national member to find out more on online commenting tools. National members and trade federations offer support and training to those who wish to contribute to the development of standards.

At European level

Through European partners: broad-based European organisations, representing particular sectors of industry as well as consumers, environmentalists and workers.

You can find further information about CEN and CENELEC’s standardization activities on CEN/CENELEC website, including specific brochures on Research, Smart Grids, SMEs, etc. Always check your national members’ web site as they (may) have publications in your national language.

At International level

BDS General Assembly, held on 26th April 2013 regulates the access to BDS/TC activities of SME or associations of SMEs, which are not BDS members, in pursuance of the requirements of Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardization, art. 6. The Regulation sets obligations to national standardization bodies to encourage and facilitate SME access to standards and to processes related to their development.

The SMEs’ rights and obligation, participating in standardization activities are settled in the Rules and Procedures on national standardization activities. To participate in the technical committee’s work, SMEs pay annual fee which are set by a decision of BDS General Assembly.

The participation in the standardization process of a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise, which is not BDS member, may be on a specific item that is of interest for its activity or with an authorized representative in BDS working body that may:

For non-member participation of SMEs’ representatives in the technical committees, the amount of annual fee to be paid is defined by BDS General Assembly as follows:
Annual fee for SMEs representatives:

*к – number of technical committees in which the SME participates.

The amount of the annual fee is defined for one calendar year and shall be paid by the end of the first quarter of the current year.

The newly adopted SME representatives shall pay the first annual installment calculated in proportion of the months that they will actually participate in the TC’ work.

To be granted access to the TC’s work, you need to fill in and send to the attention of BDS Managing Director a request for access and a declaration.

Documents shall be sent via e-mail to: members@bds-bg.org