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“Expert consultations” – terms of use

„Expert consultations” – terms of use

„Expert consultations” is a service that makes standards more accessible to businesses and organizations that do not have specialists in a standardization area, and those who already use standards will be able to get answers to their standards related questions.

What is the service for?

Through the „Expert consultations” service you could have expert advice and guidance on issues related to the implementation of existing national and European and international standards implemented as BDS.

Competent experts from BDS administration and Technical Committees will be engaged with your case studies. We have qualified specialists in over 70% of the standardization areas.

Why to use the service?

The economic situation in the country, the competition and the shortage of qualified staff, place business entrepreneurs in front of numerous challenges. Time and resources are insufficient, and users demand products and services of the highest quality. And despite the unlimited access to information, we cannot have knowledge in everything, and it is not necessary. We only need to make the most of the expert’s knowledge. Using consulting services is the most cost-effective way to get expert advice without having to waste time and money on recruiting and hiring specialists that you do not have. But a good manager knows that by proper planning and organizing of priorities, resources and time, the goals could be achieved and the competition overtaken.

BDS activities include the development, approval and publishing of standards. And the experts involved in these processes can engage with authoritative opinions on the implementation of the standards.

The „Expert consultations” service gives you the assurance that you have chosen the right way.

How to use the service?

To use the service, you need to send a request.

Fill in the inquiry form that you can find below and send it to info@bds-bg.org.

We shall send you an offer, which will contain a price, time period for the execution of the service, a payment method, etc. within 5 working days. If you accept our offer, which you must confirm in writing via email, we shall send you an order to make the payment.

You will receive in writing the prepared expert opinion on your case study at the email you have specified in the inquiry.

In case an expert opinion cannot be provided on this case study, the client will be informed of this.

The „Expert consultations” service is the expression of an expert opinion on a specific request from the client. The client decides on his own whether to comply with the expressed opinion or not.

Price, term and payment

The price of the service may vary between 40 and 90 BGN per hour excluding VAT. The price depends on the complexity and time needed to investigate the case study as well as on the expert’s qualifications providing the consultation.

The payment is to be 100% prepaid by bank transfer, via the electronic payment system e-Pay or at the BDS office.