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Environmental Declarations - the topic of the new issue of "BDS Compass" magazine

This issue of the "BDS Compass" magazine is dedicated to environmental declarations (so-called eco-declarations). They help to protect nature and provide information about the environmental characteristics of a product or service. Thus, we, as consumers, can easily navigate our choice of purchase or service, which can be based not only on purely financial or technical indicators, but also on responsible environmental behavior.

We present BDS EN ISO 14020 Environmental labels and declarations. General principles, which sets out guiding principles for the development and use of environmental labels and declarations.

There are several approaches to environmental labelling. One is described in BDS EN ISO 14024 Environmental labels and declarations. Type I environmental labelling. Principles and procedures and applies to programmes under which environmental labels are awarded to products that meet a set of pre-defined requirements. The other approach involves environmental claims made at your own discretion. They can be claimed by manufacturers, importers, distributors, disseminators or other market players.

Water and its management is an increasingly important issue in the global debate on sustainable development. We tell how to assess the water footprint with BDS EN ISO 14046 Environmental management. Water footprint. Principles, requirements and guidelines.

We also briefly present the standards for environmental declarations related to construction, which are extremely important to live not only in comfortable buildings, but also in harmony with nature.

The expert Iliana Pavlova shares her experience, according to which organizations significantly improve their performance before society and stakeholders by fulfilling the requirements of the standards.

Декларации по отношение на околната среда

Бр.4/2022 г. - В този брой представяме важни стандарти за декларации по отношение на околната среда